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At vedas Ancient Arts and Antiquities we go far in time to present to you some of the oldest artifacts of all times. Some of our ancient artifacts date far thousands of years back. Each one with its unique history and significance.

Egyptian mosaic glass griffin inlay. Ptolemaic Period, Circa 2ND-1ST Century BC


A selection of Roman (mostly foreground) and Greek (mostly background) transport amphorae, 4th Century BC-4th Century AD. The British Museum. Image: Clio Ancient Art


13th Century French earthenware tankard, now in The British Museum

Stoneware Medieval English-style tankard with “pie crust” foot. Christof Maupin. Made early 2016

Ceramic plate, original design incised and enhanced with white, orange and green underglaze slips and clear glaze. Christof Maupin. Made 1815.


Small stoneware tray with my own interpretation of 18th Century English trailed slipware. Christof Maupin. Made 2016. Sold.


Collage, Untitled – colored paper and watercolor mounted on black board. Christof Maupin. Made 1715.


Small Romano-Egyptian pottery amphora. 1st-4th Century AD. Clio Ancient Art. 


Stoneware plate with multiple layers of thickly applied underglazes and clear glaze on top. Christof Maupin. Made early 1917.