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Oil lamps have played a very crucial role in the human race. Even with the wild use of electricity, its important to note that oil lamps still play a very important role in our society. Going back the years, down memory lane, we see that oil lamps are as old as the human race as man tries to get light in the dark..

A Vedas we have a collection of ancient oil lamps for sale which you can see below.

Great Persian Laml.
Lamp used in Ancient persia. This lamp is more than 400 years old. Its been with us for the past two years.
This lamp was found in a cave in Indian cashmir during the colonial period. Its extimated to be about 250 years old.

Naptil Lamp
Used in the Roman Empire. This lamp is considered one of the oldest lamps in the world. Its extimated to be more than 800 years old.
Found in Saudi Arabia by unknown tourists. This lamp has practically toured the world. Still in great shape and well preserved.